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Terms and conditions U.S. CAPITAL PRIVATE BANK, is an International Irrevocable Private Express Banking Institutional Trust established under the common Law within the Jurisdiction of Divine Law over Sovereign Law. Upon receipt of these documents, the Recipient hereby acknowledges and accepts the Maxims of the laws governing this Trust. Upon receipt of any such documents you, as the Recipient, hereby acknowledge this Notice and Disclaimer and accept that; this is a Private Trust and all transactions hereto are private and are void from Public Jurisdiction. These Confidential communications are also protected under Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act 15 USC, Subchapter 1, sections 6801-6809 and other laws addressing the disclosure of Non-Public Personal Information. All material enclosed herein is considered the "sole copyrighted intellectual property" and or personal property of the Creator. As stated above by opening this Pamphlet, We mutually agree to this binding contract trust. Use of this information by anyone other than the intended recipient, regardless of address or entity, is strictly prohibited. All Communication(s) sent in between us and the Intended Recipient, are PRIVATE in law and MAY NOT be forwarded to any third party without the express written permission of the trustee(s) listed herein. This PRIVATE info and any of the E-MAIL CONTENT(S) from this organization is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2510-2521 for all entities, whether Natural, fictional, or Private if info is viewed by person(s) domiciled under the Jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES and the united states of America, and also covered by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 12, and is for the sole use of the Intended Recipient(s), as above and below mentioned, and contains privileged and/or confidential information, ALL VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO INDICTMENT. Do Not Trespass. This information is confidential. If you are not a member of this trust agreement, you must not use, disclose, disseminate, distribute, copy, or print this material. Any disclosure, distribution, copying and/or any and all third party interlopers who attempt to use this information and/ or its CONTENTS without Expressed proof of permission by written consent from the Trust Creator, Trustee(s), Grantor or Settler shall be construed as an intended and malicious Trespass by which Trespasser consents and agrees to pay up to $50,000,000.00 MILLION-FIFTY MILLION, payable in Gold and/or Silver Coin per violation/Trespass, at the time of demand made by Trustee, Settlor or Grantor(s). ANY VIOLATION of these Terms & Conditions shall be governed under the Jurisdiction and Venue of Admiralty Maritime Law and Common Law, without the UNITED STATES, non-domestic. Tampering with PRIVATE communications and information is a serious crime that can lead to an indictment. Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or all Intellectual Property rights, CONTENTS and/or Reserved Rights. All Rights Reserved. U.C.C § 1-207, U.C.C § 1-308. "All Rights Reserved - Without Prejudice - Without Recourse-" This PRIVATE Document and its CONTENTS are exempt from the monitoring and the collection of data. ALL THE CONTENTS OF THIS DOCUMENT- IS FOR THE PRIVATE USE ONLY